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Gotcha! Pest Control Specialists, Inc.

is a specialized Pest elimination company that not only uses safe and low odor pesticides but also specializes in Integrated Pest Management methods (IPM) and Baiting Approaches. Specialized treatment programs are developed for each individual account only after a thorough inspection has been provided By Gotcha Pest Control, of both the problem area and the surrounding environment.

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Our Commitment:

Gotcha! Pest Control Specialists, Inc.was founded in 1988 with the idea of offering the consumer a better environment regarding the pest control field and their experience with a pest control company. Every home or commercial establishment we service is treated like it is our own. Gotcha Pest Control cuts no corners in our approach to the pest control services we offer. We offer not only consultation on problems but also the piece of mind that the services we render are of the best quality. Gotcha Pest Control is not the cheapest, nor do we strive to be. In order to offer the type of professionalism our firm provides we must care about the end results much more. As we approach the near future, fewer and fewer chemicals will be used and more IPM and mechanical control will be desired. Construction changes will be needed in some situations to correct problem issues. Chemicals are chemicals and even though we need them in order to provide the services we provide the least amount of chemicals is the solution we should all be striving for.


Our History:

Gotcha! Pest Control Specialists, Inc. was founded in 1988. Our firm was created with the idea of offering a better, higher quality pest control service which not only relied on a chemical approach for pest control problems, but an IPM approach and the full integration of baiting methods for many pests. Chemicals will always be chemicals and even though most chemicals which are used are very safe for you and the environment the least amount of chemicals used, the better we all are. Gotcha Pest Control's main concern in any account we service is not to offer the cheapest form of pest control, it is to offer the best and safest form of pest control. Gotcha Pest Control was established to offer only the best pest control approaches available. Each and every account we service is treated like it is our own. "We're the people who care!". Gothca Pest Control sticks to that motto.


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We are members of:
Summit County Pest Control Association
Ohio Pest Control Association
National Pest Control Association

We are fully Licensed and Insured

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