Gotcha! Pest Control Specialists, Inc. was founded in 1988. Our firm was created with the idea of offering a better, higher quality pest control service which not only relied on a chemical approach for pest control problems, but an IPM approach and the full integration of baiting methods for many pests. Chemicals will always be chemicals and even though most chemicals which are used are very safe for you and the environment the least amount of chemicals used, the better we all are.

Gotcha! Pest Control Specialists main concern in any account we service is not to offer the cheapest form of pest control, it is to offer the best and safest form of pest control. Gotcha! Pest Control Specialists was established to offer only the best pest control approaches available. Each and every account we service is treated like it is our own. “We’re the people who care!” and Gothca! Pest Control Specialists sticks to that motto.